LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin: Let festivities commence!

The start venue village for LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin opens its doors this Thursday in La Trinité-sur-Mer, two days prior to the DRHEAM TROPHY prologue, which will play out on Saturday. On site, local traders are ready to welcome sailing teams and visitors alike, whilst in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, where the finish village will be inaugurated on 25 July, a wealth of entertainment is planned to celebrate this second LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin.

The town of La Trinité-sur-Mer rallies together

Accustomed to hosting sailing events, La Trinité-sur-Mer in south-west Brittany, is delighted to accommodate LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin for the second time in its vast race village, which opens this Thursday morning. The Union des Commerçants Trinitains has rallied together to offer local traders a space within the race village. They’ve been joined by exhibitors from the neighbouring towns and villages from the Auray Quiberon Terre-Atlantique (AQTA) region and even some from a little further afield, since they include the notable addition of… Martinique, which will be dishing out ice cream to the numerous visitors expected between Thursday and Monday. “We’re delighted to host this second edition, which has brought with it an incredible line-up of racers this year. It’s a race, which in just two years has already gained great legitimacy. It’s kind of our version of the Route du Rhum and we’re sure that it’ll prove popular”, says a delighted Cyrilles Cremades, President of the Union des Commerçants Trinitains. The high point of these few days in La Trinité-sur-Mer will undoubtedly be Saturday’s DRHEAM TROPHY, the prologue to LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin which, through the Rêves de Large operation initiated by Jacques Civilise, Event Organiser, will provide 9-11-year-olds from the local AQTA community with the chance to join the crews racing aboard the competing boats.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in Australia’s colours

The summer season is in full swing around Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, which is delighted to be hosting the finish of LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin “with the desire to turn the race into a tourist event and festive occasion at the height of the summer, with a wealth of free entertainment on offer”, according to Benoît Arrivé, Mayor of the Norman city, who sees this second edition as a “highlight of the summer” and “a time for festivity and sharing”. Celebrations in Cherbourg will embrace a theme coloured by boating and Australia, by way of a reference to the bond that has united the city and Australia for the past 50 years, following the recently signed deal with Naval Group for the design of 12 submarines for the Australian Navy.

The village in Cherbourg will open on 25 July, with a wide variety of entertainment awaiting visitors: free concerts, recreational digital workshops (Google Bike to negotiate the streets of Sydney, Nintendo Switch to have a go at virtual fishing…) and an Australia-themed children’s area, which will notably offer boomerang workshops, dot painting discovery (a speciality of Aboriginal art), sessions making and decorating a didgeridoo (an Aboriginal wind instrument) as well as cooking up some of the desserts most loved by Australians… On Saturday 28 July, artist Christophe Malterre, alias Malton, will create a sculpture in the form of a kangaroo.

The village will also play host to the French Navy, which will present its missions and its various professions. There will also be numerous traders, who will showcase the region’s products and provide catering areas that will notably host an Apéro Croco at noon on Saturday 28 July, with a collaborative aperitif and barbecue offering roasted meat for sale. This will precede the prize-giving at Place Jacques Hébert, which is scheduled for 18:00hrs.

On the water, the public will be able to get involved in some beginners’ sessions in skimboard and diving, as well as enjoy some trips out to sea, with some get-togethers organised with the skippers competing in LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin. Festivities will round off in style on Sunday 29 July with a big nautical parade around the harbour of Cherbourg.

LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin live on GEORACING

To ensure you don’t miss a thing in the second edition of LA DRHEAM CUP-Destination Cotentin, GEORACING is offering real-time tracking of the race between La Trinité-sur-Mer and Cherbourg-en-Cotentin across its two courses, with rankings updated every 30 minutes, day and night.